The Top 10 Best Images of Ugly Girls



30 Comments on "The Top 10 Best Images of Ugly Girls"

  1. Beitnun says:

    4th one down is a guy in drag. I should know he’s my boyfriend

  2. my name says:

    7th one down (wedding dress) IS SUPER HOT!

  3. Chainsaw says:

    Unshaved underarms doesn’t automatically qualify a girl as ugly. It’s definitely a turn-off, but I’d still fuck that last girl. And some of these chicks probably have medical conditions, so it’s not cool to make fun of them…

  4. PHIL says:

    Your so right chainsaw…. Clearly a better man than me… Then again i would fuck them all.

  5. sam says:


  6. Mystique says:

    Are these actual real photos?

  7. alex says:

    To chainsaw

    You are defensive because probably your girlfriend is in one of the top 10 photos!! hahahah

  8. yoyoyoyoyoyoyo says:

    no chainsaw is right. A lot of these girls probably do have medical conditions. It is also terrible to make fun of that girl on her wedding day. That is her day to look gorgeous.

  9. yo mamma says:

    i had a bad dream like this once ……. oh my bad typo more like a nightmare

  10. Just some guy says:

    I think the girl in the last picture is beautiful, is that is ugly sign me up!

  11. Stephanie says:

    The fifth one down is me. So freaking awesome I made it to this site. I was actually extremely wasted and am great at making faces.

  12. yes says:

    most of them are males, idiot.

  13. Talking Penis says:

    da last girl aint ugly she just needa shave those arrmzz! :-P

  14. Alexsuckshismomscunt says:

    Alex wishes he could get a girl like this. unfortunately he doesn’t come out of his moms “basement” that often because sun light hurts his eyes. oh yeah and by your moms basement I meant her snatch.

  15. always-in-the-mood says:

    is this real?
    cause if it is this is fuckin’ mean
    it’s not cool to make fun of ugly poeple

  16. Cheeks says:

    The first girl is really ugly lol. She looks like a girl i know, look up chelsea ambrose on facebook.

  17. Pants says:

    To all the idiots that say this is mean:
    Like you haven’t looked at an ugly girl and made fun of her. Yeah right.

    And it’s not like these girls are gonna see this, so what the fuck is wrong?

  18. NK says:

    Wow, such beautiful comments! I didn’t know before, that in this world I am surrounded by experts in beauty! And I am baffled by your outstanding retorics, every letter is going for the target, and al so fresh, new and what one would really not expect as comments to these photos! Go for it people, you’re all true originals, you proved that here!

  19. Art says:

    Hhahahahahaaa all the ones that say it isn’t nice to make fun of them, it is fun, I mean is kind of scary to meet one of them in person but to watch them here, hahahahahaaaa I ‘m posting this site so all the ugly fucks stop taking pictures of themselves and stop posting them on Facebook. They got to know how fucking ugly they are.

  20. Jeremiah says:

    Not fair to make fun of ugly peeps. I totally hate dese.

  21. kwon ji eun says:

    they were not ugly.. they just beautiful in their way

  22. sufi says:

    u r beautiful…………….d way u r………….cheerzzzzzzz

  23. NaturalMan says:

    This the key to life. If you continually look at these girls, then you as a male will almost always be satisifed with the girl you meet who likes you. As a matter of fact, if you intend on jacking off any time soon, it is in your best interest to wack off…looking at a picture of a really ugly girl…thereby….you will keep a big hunger for girls who look even just barely okay, and you will always be sexually satisfied…And you should be rock hard when you meet a below average looking girl who tries to get intimate with you…Again this is THE KEY TO LIFE!

  24. hemalatha says:

    we could never say “”

  25. Robb says:

    the last one isn’t ugly

  26. Abdul ali says:

    These are not ugly !
    These are so cute!
    I think 2nd one is perfect 4 u!

  27. nazi says:

    Hi ..this photos are very funny .I’m sorry for this girl & Tanx 4 this web site bye

  28. hooligan says:

    first ones not so bad, big nose.. still cute.

  29. KillUglyPeople says:

    Beitnun must be a truly hideous women, if that is her boyfriend.

    Ugly people attract other ugly people. Which is advantageous to those of us who want them eradicated. Use them like hunting duck decoys.

  30. KillUglyPeople says:

    And “hooligan”, you are an idiot, a tard, and a presumably horrible looking/acting/thinking trailer park person. You think the first girl is “cute”?

    Please, remove yourself from the gene pool, now. You are infecting the waters.

    Extreme ugliness and extreme ignorance must be removed from the planet.

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